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Our response to this is to bring the industry back to where it was . We will be posting more information and updating the website.We are offering the following
20.00 membership fee for all regardless of the size of your institution
Free Course Approvals service to members
Free monitoring service
No minimum course requirement
We will approve any course you are qualified to deliver
We will not charge any fees ,you can make a voluntary contribution .We hope to add insurance and other cover benefits to this scheme .This is a time to unite and support all in the industry.If you have trouble contacting us please use this mobile number whilst we upgrade systems 07949175597.Sms message is the best form of contact .Please send your name and contact details

03 May 2012


Our sincere apologies to anyone that has been looking for us . We have been active but not on the website. We are back now with a mission and a vengeance. Our mission is to help you .Read the other articlesin this section

03 May 2012


Happy New year everyone .We hope that you have a successful 2008 .Its been a busy year and a lot of our work has been behind the scenes.The project we supported in Ghana is going well .We have new literature for our services.We have been advising our members and other people that have approached us are schools,doctors as well as the government .
This year we intend to increase membership so that services to our members can increase.This will include equipment and financial support.We will know we have succeeded in 2008 when we see you get the most from FAA .We look forward to seeing you all in 08 .

01 Jan 2008


Some of our members have reported trading problems with the following organisations .Please proceed with caution if you come across any of these
FAB-First Aid For Business -Proprietor -Mr Forte
FATSO -proprietor Mr Hampton
Protocol National
Black and White Security Hemel Hempsead

17 Jan 2007


First Aid Association was able to assist a project in Ghana with 1000.00 worth of assistance. Bringing first aid to communities everywhere should be a key target for the industry

17 Jan 2007


We now have a dedicated service for members. If you are having problems with administration ,call handling ,mailing address ,locating resources or other practicalities we have a bank of staff available to assist at a minimal cost

17 Jan 2007


Many of you may have received consultation papers from the London Assembly . This interest is welcome and we hope that the feedback will result in positive action. The final thought is that the government and the First Aid Industry have alot to gain from actively promoting first aid activities

17 Jan 2007


We are pleased to report that customers are using our services both nationally and internationally

09 Aug 2006


Please feel free to contact us if you require instructors and staff at short notice

09 Aug 2006


Being a First Aid Instructor or organisation is laced with problems.Finance ,staffing,advertising,contracts,cash flow,technical knowledge,education politics,personal circumstances ,management,discipline,relationships and more.Dont face it alone.In many cases we have the solutions .

08 Jan 2006


Just a note to advise everybody that member pages are now operative.Please e-mail us with a chosen screen name and we will then issue you with a password

26 Dec 2005


There seems to be some confusion amongst members about membership fees . If you are an individual applying for membership the cost is 20.00 .If you are an organisation the membership fees are based on the number of individuals requiring membership and a discretionary discount . Each member needs to go through the identification process so we will require a completed form and photographs for each member

26 Dec 2005


A range of services and publicity will be launched in the New Year we will keep you advised . We will be introducing aquatic rescue and safety sessions all interested members should contact us by e-mail

05 Dec 2005


Many members will be aware that resuscitation changes have been planned . These have now arrived and we suggest that all members familiarise themselves with the new protocol by visiting the resuscitation council website or attending one of our updates

05 Dec 2005


HSE issued statements to first aid training providers today indicating that they favoured the appointment of the First Aid At Work Council as a steering group for the First Aid Industry . It is important not to make too many assumptions at this stage and it is also important to look at the various aspects of this.
As previously indicated ,First Aid Association is generally opposed to this decision. The First Aid At Work Council has not clearly identified its proposals .The partners in the new steering group may not be representative of all organisations .There are no assurances that people in the First Aid Industry that have invested a great deal of time and money will not have their efforts destroyed.
Health and Safety Executive have not clearly indicated exactly which areas the new body will be
able to make changes in. HSE has made this appointment without consulting many organisations so how can anyone believe that they wish to consider the opinions within the industry .Until the answers to the questions of all in the first aid industry are forthcoming any organisation that wishes to exist or succeed should affiliate to any organisation that will express its views and serve its interest.
First Aid Association supports reduction of fees and beauracracy and a system that would please ALL organisations without exception.These are basic but achievable targets .In the meantime we offer all the hardworking and committed people in the industry our sincere empathy and respect .

22 Sep 2005


As many of you know HSE has handed the responsibility for monitoring to Scout Enterprises. If anybody is due an inspection and requires guidance please contact us . Watch out for the additional requirements that are in the paperwork. There are further changes promised at HSE and of course we will advise but until these changes occur we suggest that you focus on strengthening your business.The other important thing is not to fall victim to the speculation and rumours.

20 Sep 2005


If you have difficulties with taxation issues please contact us .This is definitely an area not worth speculating on .

20 Sep 2005


First Aid Association has a comprehensive service,A real service that will allow you to analyse your business and create new growth.Please contact us for details of our consultancy service.

31 Aug 2005


A reminder to all members that we already offer a monitoring and approvals service for these courses . This may assist those of you that previously offered NCMA/PLA courses .

31 Jul 2005


The First Aid Industry has a tendency to reject such training .The industry favours City and Guilds Training which may have its useful purpose ,however a properly constructed trainer course has many advantages to offer and the advice to all in the industry is to try to reflect on the positive aspects of such training before you condemn it .

18 Jul 2005


We are launching a range of services to protect our members from those that do not pay . Please pass information about your bad experiences to us in confidence .

18 Jul 2005


If any members require dressings they should contact us by e-mail.The dressings will only be suitable for practice sessions and will not include triangular bandages .

17 Jun 2005


A message for all members -First Aid Association can lower the cost of PAT testing .We have a supplier who
will provide a special discount for members. Please contact us for details .

23 Mar 2005


We will be holding a series of development days for members and non members

1. Resuscitation including chin lift ,Jaw Thrust ,Paediatrics and further topics

2Airway management including O.P airway,N.P.airway and V-Vac

3.Teaching- Valuable session for anyone that requires evidence for portfolio

4. Spinal Injury Management - complete management of the spinal injured casualty

5.Aquatic rescue management - resuscitation and management of casualties in an aquatic environment

6.Teaching strategy laboratory -A valuable session for those that wish to enhance their teaching

7.A nurses guide to trauma management .

8.Renewal of your FAW by one of our member organisations .Reduced rates apply

9.Business support forum -Ideas for business development and introducing you to new strategies

10. Self Defence- Defending your business

11.Health and Safety

12.Evaluating First Aid -A guide for managers

13. Employment Law -A solicitor will advise on employment issues .
All courses are supplied on a first come first served basis. The course prices start from 5.00 .Dates and times will be supplied upon request .

11 Feb 2005


Members have been asking about various issues .Our responses are in the members pages .The topics we have adressed are as follows
Your financial development
The multiple failings in the industry and how to beat them .
Some members have expressed concerns about criticism of First Aid Association .Our advice to members is that you must remember why we are here.Your personal and professional achievements and your ability to make a real difference through new incentives and strategies will speak for itself.
If your critics paid half as much attention to what we actually achieve as they did to their poorly formulated and ill considered opinions ,they would no longer be critics .Your critics are probably too scared to try membership of FAA ,they might like it here.It has also been noted that nobody has asked for a refund of membership fees or expressed a lack of service or satisfaction within the Association.
Finally it is important to remember that constructive criticism should be welcome everywhere since it fuels development . Please give us feedback about any false claims or criticism that concerns you and we will deal with those concerned .

06 Jan 2005


The First Aid Association is opposed to HSE proposals to reduce or remove its monitoring role . The industry and clients face many hidden dangers in this situation. HSE should increase its vetting of the First Aid Industry .

24 Dec 2004


This new service has not been encountered anywhere,please tell us if you know different. We are pleased to introduce our purchase plan service .We can help you to purchase aids ,mannekins ,equipment and more . We can offer long term or short term purchase plans .A preferential service will be given to members.

22 Dec 2004


The following benefits have been negotiated for our members we hope that they will be of use to you .The first member benefit is from Twilight Disco -0208-523-0513 .They will offer up to 50% discount for members .We have also been advised about the details of an accountant who will offer a discount to our members . First Aid Association does not endorse any products or services even though they are vetted before advertising. If any member experiences any problems with any services please advise us immediately .The services we have advised you about have already been used by members and no complaints so far .
First Aid Association has a policy of providing ongoing and vast member benefits we hope you will enjoy these .

21 Dec 2004


We have had a mixed bag of reactions to membership.Some people could not wait to become members whilst others remain suspicious .We are so confident about the benefits of membership ,we will give you your money back if you feel that there was no benefit to you .
For the majority of people the membership fee will be 20.00 .

06 Dec 2004

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