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Members can enjoy a range of benefits. Our most popular benefits are open to approved members and organisations. Listed below are some of the membership benefits. There are various types of membership. This includes Organisation membership, Individual membership, Tutor, First Aider.

Individual membership 20.00

Download our Membership Form now and post it off to us.

Use of our resource centre

Our resource centre has videos, books, mannekins, bandages, computer facility, Health education material and more. Users will need to book in advance since this facility is currently on trial.

Hire of facilities

We may be able to provide you with a venue for training or direct you to suitable venues.

Revision sessions

A range of sessions and activities that will allow you to develop and progress through the Continuing Professional Development system.


Our advice line is open to members only, you can seek advice on administration, legal issues, suppliers and whole host of other services

Communication Point

A range of forums allowing you to interact with other professionals in your field of expertise


If you are struck for instructors, first aiders, or suffer from short notice cancellations, feel free to come to us for assistance

Training and evidence towards your portfolio

We can come and observe your teaching and sessions. At the end you will be provided with full feedback and evidence towards your portfolio

Jobs Noticeboard

A space for employers to advertise their vacancies is available to members in our forums

Free List Of Instructors

We can provide you with a list of approved member instructors upon request


Our events diary is vast and varied. Become a member and use the site to find out more


We hold competitions open to all sectors to motivate and develop people in the industry

Course Details

Members are entitled to reduced rates on many services


Silver Level Membership

Associate - For all interested parties
Basic First Aider - People with basic First Aid Training
Level 1 - First Aid At Work attendance at 12 events
Level 2 - First Aid At Work, Advanced First Aid attend 12 training events
Level 3 - Advanced First Aid attendance at training and extensive experience
Level 4 - Advanced First Aid event cover and teaching module
Level 5 - Lead sessions, Advanced First Aid and familiarisation with equipment i.e. collar
Level 6 - Lead sessions and develop a range of qualifications

Gold Level Membership

Basic - This is for tutors who meet basic Health and Safety Criteria
Level 1 - Tutor with advanced First Aid and attendance at 18 modules in a 3 year period and at least 10 hours teaching experience
Level 2 - For those with First Aid Instructors qualification attendance at 12 modules and 30 hours teaching experience
Level 3 - First Aid instructor with 50 hours teaching experience and attendance at 12 modules
Level 4 - Holders of further teaching and first aid qualifications i.e. D32/33 or equivalent ,100 hours teaching ,10 modules to achieve next level
Level 5 - Evidence of sustained development in first aid, teaching and health and safety, also EMT or PCET qualification 5 module attendance and 180 hours teaching
Level 6 - PCET, EMT 5 modules attendance 250 hours teaching and provision of event cover
Level 7 - Ambulance Technician - Private with Level 6 qualifications
Level 8 - IHCSTD ambulance technician with full teaching portfolio and able to demonstrate contribution to the development and education of those outside the ambulance service
Level 9 - Ambulance technician with teaching qualifications and attendance at or delivery of 2 modules
Level 10 - Ambulance Technician with knowledge of the structure of first aid and the industry and level 9 qualifications as well as attendance/delivery of 4 modules
Level 11 - Paramedic/resuscitation officer with l matching level 8 criteria
Level 12 - Paramedic/resuscitation officer with level 9 criteria
Level 13 - Nurse with level 8 criteria
Level 14 - Nurse with level 9 criteria
Level 15 - First Aid Organisation Director Health and Safety approved
Level 16 - Organisation Director with PCET / Advanced First Aid
Level 17 - Organisation director with advanced teaching and First id related qualifications
Level 18 - Ambulance technician with advanced teaching qualifications
Level 20 - Paramedic/Resuscitation officer with advanced teaching qualifications
Level 21 - Nurse with advanced Teaching or First Aid Qualifications
Level 22 - Doctor
Level 23 - Doctor with comprehensive understanding of First Aid At Work
Level 24 - Doctor with level 23 qualifications and delivery of modules
Level 25 - Consultant
Level 26 - Consultant with delivery of modules contribution to the education system or research
We hope that we have provided you with a motivating system, please contact us with your comments and contributions

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