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Awards and Letters

Do you know someone who has assisted a casualty or carried out a commendable action? We will be holding awards ceremonies for elected individuals. All nominations should be in writing.

It is important to recognise and reward all the people that contribute to First Aid. There are individuals and groups that give selflessly and others help the industry to develop professionally. The awards system will recognise and reward these people. You may already be entitled to an award.



Letter Of Thanks - After 3 years service to the industry as a tutor or professional or community First Aider
Bronze Medal - 5 years service
Silver Medal - 10 Years
Gold Medal - 15 Years
Trophy - 20 Years
Award Plate - 25 Years
Plaque - 30 Years
Anyone can present nominations for this award scheme. You can nominate yourself.

We also invite nominations for:
Business Award - For recognition of professional or community spirited actions related to First Aid and Safety
Diamond Award - For Individuals that have made exemplary contributions.
Tutor Award - To recognise tutors for services
FAA Awards - A further range of awards to recognise rescues, acts of bravery and other community services.


We aim to give training organisations the ability to demonstrate a commitment to quality by a process of independent accreditation. Your customers will know and appreciate this mark of quality. We have two separate services to assist you in your drive towards professionalism and accreditation.

The Approvals Process allows you to become approved to conduct basic first aid courses. This will appeal to those organisations that do not wish to teach First Aid At Work courses or those organisations that wish to develop a range of courses. Please call to ask for more details.

The Excellence Award is for organisations that wish to demonstrate that they care to offer the best possible services to their clients. We hope that clients will select organisations with the award to provide training.

Our support for your business does not end here, we also offer a range of services as indicated in the opening pages. Our services will aim to:
  • Develop professionalism
  • Increase your sales volume
  • Provide expertise and business support
  • Increase safety
  • and much more
Please read on to find out about other approvals and services for Business Communities and other interested individuals.


The Trainer Approvals System is designed and dedicated to the professionals that make this industry work. We would like to recognise your work and celebrate your contribution publicly. Becoming an approved trainer will:
  • Demonstrate your professional attitude
  • Identify your level of knowledge
  • Make you highly employable
  • Provide trading guidelines to protect you from organisations that do not pay you
  • Make you accessible to our members.
Once you are approved we will place you on a list of approved instructors which will be available to interested parties. Your services will be actively promoted and we can also provide you with development activities, support, information. Please call us for further information about how to become approved.


When you have successfully achieved Approved Organisation or Trainer Status you may apply to conduct any of our listed courses or you may submit your own course for approval. It is important for you to note that we will not be providing you with accreditation to conduct First Aid At Work Courses.

This system is particularly aimed at those organisations that wish to cater for sections of the community that wish to practice recognised skills in the community and those that have industry specific needs. The courses we approve are:
  • Pediatric First Aid
  • Advanced First Aid
  • General First Aid
  • Basic Teaching
  • First Aid Instructor Course
  • Defibrillation
  • Postal Course
  • Aquatic First Aid
Please call us for details of approved content for these courses. We will also be developing an international First Aid Qualification.


We have various award categories

Safety Standards Award
First Aid Association Safety Gold Award
Excellence Award for Training Organisations
Business Safety Gold Award


Many sectors of the community rely on activity and holiday providers. If you want an honest and independent report or assurances of safety standards look for the Safety Standards Award. Businesses and organisers with this award will need to demonstrate adequate training and facilities for staff and clients in order to achieve accreditation.

Businesses that wish to attain this award should contact us for the necessary details we also have a range of support services for all clients. We look forward to enhancing your leisure time.


The Approvals Process will allow you to achieve a Quality Award for the First Aid Industry. Getting approval will reassure your clients that they are receiving quality training and it will also give you confidence in the quality of instruction in your organisation. All the organisations with the award will accept your standards and there will be a compatibility between organisations which will develop a sense of parity and community. It will assure organisations that instructors are trained to an appropriate standard therefore it will assist you with recruitment. We hope that organisations with the award will be selected in preference to those without for the purpose of training in the community. You will also have preferential treatment for all our support services, general terms and criteria are as follows. We appreciate that it can be difficult to get tutors to attend training but the boost that we give to the industry should make this justified and viable.


This award is aimed at any business that wishes to demonstrate a real commitment to safety and customer care. Like any of our awards we will offer this service internationally. This is truly a prestigious award that your business can display with pride. The other benefits of this award will include:
  • Increased workplace safety
  • Increased staff cooperation and interaction
  • Increased profitability - less days of work due to injury
  • Reduced compensation claims
  • Staff development
  • and more
You will receive support throughout this process and there is also training available. Please call us to find out more

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